Karen Daniels

Robert Burke

Burke America

Karen gravitated towards entrepreneurial activities at age 14 by starting a flourishing lawn mowing business in Sioux City, Iowa. She continued to pursue her passion for business at the University of Notre Dame and joined Citigroup as a sales and trading analyst working with both fixed income and equity derivatives. Karen joined Burke America in 2008 as its first employee and launched the team’s marketing platform focusing on company specific analysis. In 2010, she transitioned to Sundberg America to help the team build a long-term sustainable platform to support growth across all functional departments. While completing her MBA at the University of Chicago, she continued to provide strong and multifaceted leadership as Sunberg’s Chief Operating Officer. Karen’s accomplishments included re-locating Sundberg America’s distribution center, installing a new ERP system, and on-boarding several large national accounts. Still highly charged with a desire to build a business from the ground-up, Karen left Sundberg America to join Old World Industries to start a new business unit for heat transfer fluids and assumed full P&L responsibility and accountability to develop the product, marketing, sales and distribution sales strategies. Afterwards, she moved on to join Xactly Corporation, a Vista Equity Partners portfolio company, as Director of Strategic Programs where she facilitated the team transition and strategy from a single product to a multi-product company. Karen rejoined Burke America in 2018 as President of Sundberg America, leading the wholesale business strategy, operations and technology initiatives. Karen brings profound operational and general management leadership experience to mentor and energize the team. Outside of the office, Karen enjoys being with her family, friends and traveling.

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