Mobilizing Repair Intelligence, Insights, and Innovation

When a customer is in need of repair, we have imagined an immediate, even real-time solution…not three weeks as if stuck in yesteryear, our know-how and insights learned over the years have sparked an energy and passion to help modernize the home repair service industry.  

Burke America, a family of consumer and professional brands, leverages strengths in technology, data and analytics, supply chain and customer service to create comprehensive offerings. We direct that energy toward intelligent solutions to age-old repair problems.

Think of us as a technology platform that connects consumers, technicians, manufacturers, retailers, and extended warranty companies. Each unit complements the others. Our master distributors and white-label branded sites empower retailers and manufacturers.

We offer software as a service (SaaS) and data as a service (DaaS) to help service organizations, retailers, and OEMs manage time and costs. Our repair diagnostics, data, and content are making life easier for all players in the industry. 

Our ecosystem is driving technological innovation that puts the intelligence into repairs.

Our ecosystem is driving technological innovation that puts the intelligence into repairs. With millions of monthly visitors to our websites and millions of users engaging with our platform, we’ve curated a vast knowledge base of what it takes to get a repair done. We’re able to diagnose repair problems and deliver solutions in a matter of days as opposed to the three-week average repair completion time. We’re helping Americans keep their homes safer and more comfortable, while also fueling the entrepreneurship of technicians by simplifying their jobs and connecting them with the parts, know-how and information they need.

Yes, we’re disrupting a repair industry that’s primed for its own repair. We empower technicians and consumers with diagnostic tools, technology, content, and training. By reducing the need for multiple home visits, we save everyone time and money.