Welcome to the repair

People are fixers. It’s in our nature. We build up, we break down, we build back up again.

Nothing lasts forever, but anything can be fixed...or at least that used to be true.

Somehow, America got worse at repair. Perfectly good things get thrown out a lot now. We don’t understand how they work, and people who do, don’t get a lot of respect. Now we just call everybody “consumers.”

Why can’t we use all this technology to be better fixers?  To work harder for hard-working people. To make repair actually easier than it used to be.

We can be proud — not only of what we bought, but 
what we kept. Proud of what we can do, what we cared for. Proud of ourselves.

The Burke America Executive Team

Relationships matter to us — we work and invest with people and companies we trust. We respond to calls promptly, and we act promptly. We move fast and fix things even faster. Ultimately, we do what’s right for the company, our partners, our employees, and our community. In our experience, profits and business will naturally follow.

Hard-working tech for hard-working people
Burke America believes that no home is beyond repair. We work every day to help homeowners and pros understand their problem, get the service or product they need, and make confident decisions.

Our customers can be proud — not only of what they bought, but what they kept.
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