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Repair Intelligence is more than software. It’s an integrated platform, powered by AI and connected to a network of repair professionals, replacement parts, and retailers. Repair Intelligence takes homeowners and technicians through the entire repair journey — from precise diagnosis to choosing a solution, and then guiding a DIY fix, hiring a pro, buying a new part, or replacing the appliance or HVAC — all in one easy-to-use interface.

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Our AI is powered by 2.2 terabytes of proprietary model/parts mapping, repair diagnostics, service manuals, online part/symptom search data, and service outcomes for home appliances, HVAC, and outdoor power equipment. It walks the homeowner or technician through problem diagnosis with common language and infinite patience.

Want to see the future 

of home repair?

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We love the DIY spirit, but sometimes a job is just too big or the appliance or HVAC should be replaced. Repair Intelligence always offers the homeowner or technician a full range of integrated options to get their home back up and running.

Want to see the future
of home repair?

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Repair Intelligence orders the replacement part, guides the owner or technician through the repair, and offers 24/7 technical support. We have their back from start to finish and only stop when the job is done.

Underneath a customer-facing AI, Repair Intelligence is a SaaS and DaaS platform that helps service organizations, retailers, warranty, and OEMs manage time and costs.

Combined with our wholesale and retail operations in Sundberg America and Repair Clinic, the Repair Intelligence platform is the only comprehensive repair ecosystem in America. We connect homeowners and pros to the entire repair industry with just one click.

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“Love this. Thank you so much. Being a single mother, I don’t have a lot of money to buy different parts to try. This really helped.”


“Repair Intelligence gives our technicians the right diagnostics and parts predictions to avoid truck rolls and save both time and money. ”

Service Company

“Yes! Yes! Yes! This is what I do every day between YouTube, Google, and ChatGPT — just all in one place. I’d use your site probably exclusively.”

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Burke America believes that no home is beyond repair. We work every day to help homeowners and pros understand their problem, get the service or product they need, and make confident decisions. Our customers can be proud — not only of what they bought, but what they kept.
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